Corbett through the Lense of Sanjay Browne.

"TIGERS OF CORBETT" - Photographs & Text by Sanjay Browne.

I am a self confessed Junkie. Wildlife is where I found my calling and Nature is high I can't get enough of! My passion for the Natural world has grown into a lifelong endeavour- commitment to disseminate messages through my Lens. Wildlife photography to me embodies extreme adventure and environmental commitment- Something which goes beyond the burnished beauty of Nostalgia.

I choose certain species as my muse, spend time in contact with them and try to tell a story through my lens. to achieve this I travel to various locations, brave potentially dangerous situations and photograph wildlife in their natural surroundings. My sojourns transport me out of my ordinary worldliness, leading me into a voyage of self discovery. The isolation from modern civilisation, the drudgery and distractions that come with it makes me appreciate the simple rhythms of nature.

As a photographer, I feel obliged to capture the beauty of places and raise awareness through the universal power of an image. If we humans want to survive and evolve with our planet we have to act responsibly by acknowledging, with humility, that Nature is not dependent on us but We on Nature! The day this principle is chiselled into human consciousness, the world will become a safer and happier place.

I dedicate this endeavour to the hundreds of unsung heroes of the Indian Forest Department whose relentless perseverance and dedication ensures that our forests and the wildlife within, continue to remain in pristine condition. Thanks to them "A thing of beauty is a joy forever".

I have travelled to most of the National Parks in India over the years, but Corbett National Park is one my favourite because of many reasons as told below :

Aah Corbett!

"What will become of the restless kind, where do they go when they've done their time" - An old Little River Band classic which continues to resonate and bring a smile.
That's before I discovered the beauty and enigma called Corbett.

Here I was safely ensconced in my own cocoon, acting on my conscious impulses and giving life a hard run for its money. The maverick, anarchic streak in Me carried on unabated and I continued in this state of illusionary contentment till fate (and Corbett) irreversibly altered the course of my life.

Earlier plans to visit Corbett had run into a wrinkle and I resigned myself to the fact that a trip will happen when it has to. They say that defining moments in life are rarely planned, especially the ones which impact you for life. As if on cue my plans came to fruition sooner than expected and loaded with expectations I braced myself.

Nothing seduces as magnificently as scale and how true that adage is for Corbett. This crucible of life Corbett, truly is God's own country and to be able to experience it, very humbling.

I've embraced the promise of tomorrow but seldom enjoyed the joy of now and this was that now, the moment of truth. For me.
What hit me can best be described as an out-of -the-world experience. Took a deep cleansing breath, stood back in awe in reverence of the moment for this was surreal and exhaled!

I guess obsessions don't have reasons which is why they are obsessions and that is true of Corbett too. The spiritual nourishment that comes through this place is unquantifiable. My continuing quest to escape the drudgery of everyday life seemed to have been answered. This seemed like closure. What we have here is the presence of absence; of noise, contaminated air and the trappings of materialistic existence-the perfect antidote for life!

Nature indeed is the ultimate theatre and Corbett, a cog in that wheel.

The lavish bounty which greeted me was enough to make a grown man misty eyed. The extraordinary profusion of life, the energy it generates has a primitive quality, which sort of throbs to its own phonetic rhythm. Being a master of my own insatiable will has its own advantage. One can wade through this mosaic of life called Corbett with mundane regularity. Wide eyed and surging on testosterone I trundled the grasslands of Dhikala, a red carpet moment for sure. Men like me are quite often reticent about truths nearest to their heart but truth be told, the beauty of Corbett is ineffable. My odyssey I confess has now turned into an obsession; such is the magnetic pull this place has.

I wish I had both the time and the evocative inclination to write about so many other things but I will leave it to the reader to find out, the many facets of this jewel in India's crown. We humans are never master of all we survey, but have been given a destination and the brains to acknowledge that destiny has to pause at some destination. Mine is Corbett!

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