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Kerala Backwaters

Kerala, India


Kerala Backwaters are the gateway to an amazing and astonishing India, full of most wonderful views, fertile and lush greenery, and an ambience that cannot be called less than magical. We offer you the joys of cruising through these lovely stretches of water through well-planned Kerala backwaters tour packages. Essentially a series of connected waterways, channels, canals and rivers, the idyllic settings of the Backwaters have drawn all kinds of tourists to it for a long time.
The scenic backwaters of Kerala comprise serene stretches of lakes, canals and lagoons located parallel to the coast of the Arabian Sea. The backwater regions of Kerala are one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The tranquil backwater cruises are a once in a lifetime experience. Alappuzha, known as the 'Venice of the East', is especially popular for its houseboat cruises where you can soak in nature at its finest form.
Backwater is a part of the river where there is no movement and current. The backwaters are formed by the action of waves and shore currents creating low barrier islands across the mouths of rivers flowing down from the Western Ghats range. The geographical condition of Kerala is so tremendous that there are mazelike waterways running almost across the state. The lowest tide of the Arabian Sea, which has a high concentration of salt, enters these waterways and the backwater is formed.
The backwaters of Kerala are a network of 1500 km-long canal both man-made and natural, 38 silent rivers and 5 big lakes extending from one end of Kerala to the other. The backwaters have a unique ecosystem - freshwater from the rivers meets the seawater from the Arabian Sea. In the middle of the waterways, there are many hidden islands, towns and cities.


Many civilizations and rulings, influenced the culture of Kerala. Among them, the civilizations of Chera, Pandya, and Chola had shown great impact. Coming to the history of Kerala, some mythological stories says that Kerala was formed by Bhagwan Parashuram, who is the 6th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. When he threw axe into the sea from Kanyakumari it was dropped near Gokarna, then the land separated from the ocean and formed into Kerala.
To look into the history of Kerala, many museums and cultural houses will entertain you with their wonderful art facts and historical remants. Moreover, visiting the historical monuments of Kerala will take you very close to the times of Kerala’s back days.


Kerala which is generally well-known for its sun kissed beaches, backwater cruises and Ayurveda therapy’s is also famous for one another feature which declares this state as “God’s own country” is the wildlife sanctuaries that extent above the length and width of Kerala, no wonder provide a superb chance to enjoy the grandeur or richness of the mother nature or the grace and pleasing abilities of its wild creatures. Here the selection of Top Wildlife Sanctuaries of Kerala get thrilled you with the view of wonderful wild creatures, alluring forests,nature’s abundance and enthralling beauties of sky in the scenery of mysterious environments.
Would you really like to visit to Kerala in search of quiet and calm or for a fun filled holiday with few thrilling adventure activities or to become a witness of the wonderful animals which are spotting in their natural place, no need to look further, Travelogy India designed inspiring or exhilarating Kerala Wildlife Tour Packages is for you. No wonder these packages are actively designed and assure that you have the good of all things during your tour.

Best Time to Visit

From mid- February to mid-May the tropical sun oozes a lot of heat and the temperature can easily go up to 35°C during the afternoons. Rest of the year, the temperature ranges from 20°C to 28°C during daytime and 18°C to 25°C at night
From mid-May until early September, the North-Eastern monsoon wind brings heavy showers with it.
Winter in Kerala lasts from mid-October to early February, and is the best time to visit this South Indian State. It doesn’t snow in Kerala, though it gets quite cold and foggy in the mountains.

Winter Season (Peak Season)

Winter Season between September and February is the peak season in Kerala considered the best time for visiting Kerala backwaters and for visiting the tourist places like Munnar and backwaters for which Kerala is renowned worldwide.

Monsoon Season (Off Season)

Monsoon Season between June and August is the Off Season for Kerala Houseboats and is considered the best time for getting Ayurvedic treatments, for which Kerala is renowned worldwide. You can do a houseboat in Kerala when there is a slight downpour or drizzle and it will be more enjoyable. Kerala Monsoons are not known for cloud breaks or downpours and rains are mild and comfortable.

Summer Season

Summer Season in Kerala is hot and humid from March to May. However, this is not a deterrent and you can sail across the backwaters in Kerala in your houseboat. We recommend hiring an air-conditioned houseboat if you are visiting Kerala in the summer season.

Best Kerala backwaters

Alleppey Backwaters

Alleppey is the most popular backwater places in Kerala. Alleppey is always a prominent addition to Kerala Tour Packages and travel list, especially for couples! For travelers, it’s an incredibly enchanting experience to sail on the backwaters of these beautiful backwaters of Kerala.Alleppey Backwaters is a part of the Vembanad Lake which is the largest backwater in Kerala.

Kumarakom Backwaters

Kumarakom is a small village in Kerala that is famous for its stunning collection of tiny islands jeweled over the Vembanad Lake. The backwaters formed by this very lake in Kumarakom are among the best backwaters in Kerala owing to the bird sanctuary located here which gives birdwatchers, bird photographers, and ornithologists the opportunity to spot a gazillion varieties of birds in a vast 14 acres of land.

Kollam Backwaters

Also called Quilon, Kollam is an ancient port town in Kerala and is located a mere 70 km away from Thiruvananthapuram, the state’s capital. This city is popular as the “Gateway to Kerala Backwaters” since it’s here that the backwater stretches of the state originates. This also means that here you’ll find the most virgin and clean version of the backwaters, which makes it one of the most beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala.

Kasargod Backwaters

Each of the backwater destinations in Kerala offers a unique experience to visitors, as does Kasargod. This place has some of the best backwaters in Kerala, including the Bekal backwaters, for people looking for a mix of tranquility, untouched nature, and endless beauty on their tour. Kasargod Backwaters are not crowded like Alleppey or Kumarakom backwaters and is closer to Bangalore.
Promising travelers a rather thrilling experience, Kasargod offers a range of backwater cruises that take guests through the pristine and lush green landscapes of Kerala around four small yet beautiful islands that the rivers and streams have embraced here. All in all, the fact that this beautiful part of Kerala is still far away from the greedy eyes of tourists and lies in complete solitude is what makes this place one of the best Kerala backwaters for you to explore!

Kozhikode Backwaters

It was the Kappad Beach in Kozhikode where the world’s first European explorer Vasco Da Gama had first landed way back in 1948! In fact, while this beautiful city has a number of wonderful experiences and sights to offer, it was this fact that made it famous in the first place. Named after that legendary explorer, the backwaters in Kozhikode are a power package of fun and excitement.
The best way to experience the beauty of these virgin backwaters in Kerala is to hitch a ride on one of the massive Kozhikode Houseboats available here with your friends, family, or partner. These enormous and luxurious houseboats rowing graciously over the velvet backwaters offer some of the most stunning natural scenery around the Kallai River and Cannoli canals you’ll ever find!

Cochin Backwaters

As you know that Cochin is one of the finest harbors in the world as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”. Soak in the serenity as you enjoy the ferry rides and cruise around the man-made island. The vast greenery will surely make you fall in love with the place with amazing views making it a must visit places during your honeymoon trip to Kerala.
The best thing about this place is that this place is a combination of both traditional and modern of intense longing and high gaiety. Capture the dreamiest moment of the giant fishing net catching the radiant sun.

Trivandrum Backwaters

How about cruising lavishly through a mesmerizing network of canals, lagoons, lakes, as well as tropical jungles that provide a dreamy setting to your backwater ride? We bet you like that idea! Well, in that case, it’s only befitting that you visit one of the best and most beautiful backwater destinations in Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram. While Vembanad Lake is the largest backwater setting here, the one along the route of Kovalam is more popular and scenic!
Stretching into miles of serenity and beautiful natural vistas that Kerala is known for, the backwaters in Kovalam offer a range of options for exploring the tranquil river, including houseboat rides, canoe rides, boating, and more. It also has the famous sangam (meeting) point of the two pristine rivers of Kili and Karamana.

Kavvayi Backwaters

Kavvayi Backwaters at Payyanur is the largest backwaters found in northern part of Kerala. You’ll find exquisite houseboats around, giving you an opportunity to hop on with your loved ones and explore the vast diversity of scenery around. If in the mood for some cultural exploration, you can attend the theyyams and temple festivals, a regular in Payyanur. You can also visit the Edayilakadu Island where you can find a forest dedicated to worship holy snakes – something which happens only in Kerala!

Ashtamudi Backwaters

The pristine backwater stretches of Ashtamudi are said to be the second largest as well as deepest wetland ecosystem in India. A ride on these picture-perfect backwaters will take you through evergreen coconut groves, and slender palm trees swaying overhead, and give you a peak at Kerala’s charming rural setting from your houseboat or kayak. Ashtamudi means “Eight Hills” and these backwaters have a unique topography of eight branches as the name signifies.
The Ashtamudi Lake here is also often called the “Gateway to the Backwaters of Kerala” and has acted as the perfect muse for plenty of writers, photographers, and artists who visited this place. Out of the many things you’ll see here, the one sight you mustn’t miss is that of the Cheena Vala, or Chinese fishing nets, draped over the waters giving it a graceful look.

Kuttanad Backwaters

Watch the duck fleet quacking together moving across the backwaters in perfect harmony. Like a patty in a burger, this locale is in between the hills and the sea. The tourists frequent this place, for their passion to witness the shimmering backwaters, that comprises of rivers, canals, and lakes on either side with the lush greenery and rural Kerala lifestyle, that remains completely unrevealed. Indeed one of the best backwater tour in Kerala.

Cherai Island Backwaters

Of all the Kerala backwaters, this is a perfect blend of the sea and the backwaters. This enchanting locale is one amidst the must-see spots for tourists. it's a perfect destination for relaxation with the beachfront and picturesque view. It's a perfect destination for relaxation with the beachfront and picturesque view. All along you shall witness the Chinese fishing nets and green grooves.

Thrissur Backwaters

Blessed with rare flora and fauna, it is considered among the most exotic locations in North Kerala. Originating as a result of five rivers gushing and forming the blissful waters offer a perfect landscape for you to go cruising on the same. Dare to miss this awesome backwater tour in Kerala.

Valiyaparamba Backwaters

Valiyaparamba Backwaters are the largest backwaters in North Kerala and the third largest backwaters in Kerala. These backwaters in another famous Kerala Backwaters tours which is a hit among the people. These backwaters are in the northern part of the Kavvayi Backwaters which flows through Kasaragod District.
Valiyaparamba Island Valiyaparamba Backwaters are unspoiled and has about it an innocence. It retains its rustic charm and serene, peaceful environment. As the waters are calm most of the visitors visit this place to enjoy the tranquillity.

Travel Information

By Air

If you happen to come by Air, Cochin International Airport (COK)is the best option and is central to all the locations in Kerala. You can hire prepaid taxis from here to Alaphuza (Alleppey) and Kottayam located at a distance of 90 kms from Kochi.

By Rail

Trains bound to South Kerala make a stop at Alapuzha Town, Kottayam, Kollam Junctions. Once you reach the particular railway station, you can hire taxis or board buses that will connect you the main town area/backwaters.

By Road

Most of the Kerala backwater regions are connected with National highways and State highways. So it would not be difficult to reach Alleppey on a car but it will certainly be a tiresome journey since it’s a long route. Much of Kollam regions can be easily reached through different State highways and 2 national highways- NH 47 and NH 208. Northern Kerala can be reached via NH 17.

Kerala Houseboats

Kerala houseboats are not like any other rides. They are the symbols of luxury and relaxation, and are generally separated into three groups: gold, silver, and bronze. The level of luxury and comfort varies on each class. You can hire the houseboat on hourly basis or even for a whole day. A fully furnished houseboat will have television, kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms. There will be skilled chefs available on-board, who will prepare delicious meals for you and serve it on banana leaves. You can also make requests from available meal choices. Riding on Kerala houseboat cruise will just calm your mind and rejuvenates your body!
Any South India vacation would be unfinished without a trip through Kerala and its backwaters. It is advised to plan your Kerala houseboat holidays at earlier as they have high-demand among travelers and are booked in advance. Contact our travel desk to get help in booking a houseboat of your choice and enjoy gentle cruising amidst coconut trees.

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Dipti S

Gurugram, Haryana, India

Went on a small boat, recommended if you want to spend 3-4 hours on the water and get the backwaters experience instead of spending a lot on houseboats.

Bhavani Etikala

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I suggest to take a Shikara or speed boat and ask them to take you through smaller lanes of the backwaters. Bigger house boats won't be able to take you through the villages which live on the banks of side waters. It is unique experience to see the residents living on the banks of the lakes. You can ask them to take you to various film locations(extra charge).

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