Gairal Forest Lodge


Gairal Forest Rest House is reached by a short detour off the Dhangarhi-Dhikala Lodge’s main forest road. Gairal Forest Lodge lies on the banks of the Ramganga River near the place where it first enters the Park within Dhikala Zone. At Gairal Forest Lodge the Ramganga River portrays a different character than it does at places downstream (near Dhikala Lodge). Ramganga River is crystal-clear, fast-flowing mountain river flowing through scenic forests near Gairal Forest Rest House. Being out of the way, stay and safari near gairal forest lodge presents ideal conditions for viewing wildlife and birds in tranquility.
Being the most celebrated ecotourism zone of the Corbett National Park, the Dhikala zone is well endowed with the spectacular wildlife which can be a pure bliss for any wildlife lovers. Along with the day Canter safari to explore the rich biodiversity, the Dikhala zone also offers the facility of night stay in the forest rest houses situated within the zone. Dhikala forest rest house and Gairal forest rest house are two such FRH where visitors can stay for the night and enjoy the wilderness. The charm of night stay in the forest is what draws wildlife tourists towards the forest rest houses.
The Gairal Rest House is the best forest house after the Dhikala rest house in the Dhikala zone. This place is a precious gem situated cozily in the lap of nature away from the crowd and chaos of the city. It is located around the 13 km from Dhangarhi, the entry gate of Dhikala zone and around 40 km from the Ramnagar city. The FRH compound is safeguarded by the solar electric wire to ward away wild animals to enter the premises. As the Gairal FRH is located deep in the forest so an amazing tranquility envelopes the whole surroundings, making it an enchanting place to calm your mind from all the chaotic thoughts and invigorate it while staying here.
Situated on the Ramganga river bank, the FRH offers you an astounding view of the river bank along with a chance to sight many animals and witness their activities near the river bed. More often than not, the king of the forest, the tiger gets sighted near the river bank who visits either for drinking water or in search of its prey. The herds of elephants can also be seen around the river drinking water or bathing and playing in the water. This place is also a paradise for bird lovers as one can get amazing birding opportunity nearby the forest home.


The accommodation at the Gairal FRH is nice and comfortable in comparison to the few other forest houses in Corbett. Being a forest rest house, it offers only the limited amenities in its rooms but rooms and attached bathrooms are clean and everything inside it is in good working conditions. All the rooms have the large double-bed along with the same furnishing in every room so it really doesn't matter which room you will be allotted.
At present, only the new FRH and the Dormitory are available for the tourists to stay as the old FRH is not available for booking. All the rooms are very spacious and well ventilated, and the attached bathrooms are having western fittings with the 24-hour running water facility. By using the solar water heating system, hot water is provided to the guests. There is no electricity in the FRH, only the solar generated electric light is provided for the 2 hrs in the evening so no any electric appliances like Air-Conditioner, Television, Fan, etc. are provided in the rooms.
Gairal rest house offers spick and span rooms with attached washroom and a few limited amenities. All the rooms are well maintained and spacious, but no 24 hour electricity is supplied. Due to the maintenance of the natural environment, the rooms are not air conditioned and no telephone facilities are provided. The rest house provides canteen facility, where tourist can get delicious food and snacks at a very low cost.

Dining Facility

Gairal rest house, the canteen run by GMVN offers you a nice dining facility with the limited menu for food. Don't expect a grandeur multi-cuisine dining here, but the foods offered are simple, homely with good taste. Apart from the meal, guests can buy snacks and mineral waters from the canteen. The non-vegetarian foods and wine are not allowed in the forest house

How to Book

Gairal forest lodge bookings for Corbett Park can be done 45 days prior to your boarding date. Non-Indian travellers can book rooms 90 days in advance. Passport Id is mandatory for foreigners.

Canteen and Food

Gairal Forest Rest House has one small canteen and one dining room where 10-15 people can sit comfortably and have meals. Guest have option to have breakfast or lunch in open lawn which is next to dining room from here guest can also enjoy the spectacular view of Ramganga river and forest. This canteen is operated by Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam and serves only veg meals to its resident and visiting guest. In breakfast they normally serve tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam and parathas and in lunch and dinner at least one vegetable dish, lentil , rice and roti. To add more flavour guest can carry fruits ,pickle from outside. During the day canteen also take order for noodles , omelette with tea, coffee at very reasonable price. Consumption of any meat or fish or liquor is strictly prohibited while staying at Gairal forest rest house in corbett national park.

Best Time to Visit

Gairal Rest House remains open from November 15 to June 15.

Visitor Season

Winter Safaris Timings-

  • Morning Safari Entry : - 07:00 am & Exit- 10:00 am
  • Evening Safari Entry : - 02:00 pm & Exit- 05:30 pm

Summer Safaris Timings-

  • Morning Safari Entry : - 06:00 am & Exit- 09:30 am
  • Evening Safari Entry : - 03:00 pm & Exit- 06:30 pm

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