Corbett Tiger Reserve


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The renowned Corbett National Park has created a niche for itself with a blend of history and pristine natural beauty. The Corbett National Park one of the oldest to be established in the country is popular due to the legensary Mr. Jim Corbett, the well-known author and wildlife conservationist. The Corbett National Park lies in Ramnagar in the district of Nainital, Uttarakhand. Though Corbett has every aspect of natural beauty with its river valleys and glorious grasslands, the lure is of the imposing Tiger, the cynosure of every Tourists questing eye! The Corbett National Park was also the first to be brought under the essential Project Tiger initiative in 1973, and hence boasts a healthy population of Tiger under a strict conservation effort. The Corbett National Park also has an immense variety of birds, amphibians, reptiles and mammals to please the keen eye of the wildlife lover. Worth a mention are the Asian Elephants that mark the grasslands with their prominent presence - Corbett is the highest Northern area of Asia to the wild Asian Elephants. Corbett National Park has a little something for everyone to enjoy and remember. The quiet serenity and the beauty of Mother Nature makes it an all round holiday destination.

Other Attractions

Dhikuli :

This well known destination in Corbett is situated at the fringes of Patli Dun valley. There is a rest house here which was built hundred of years ago. Kanda ridge forms the backdrop, and from Dhikala, one can enjoy the spectacular natural beauty of the valley.
Jeeps Safari is the most convenient way to travel within Corbett national park, and can be rented for the park trips from Ramnagar.

Treks :

Tourists are not allowed to have a walk inside the park, but they are allowed to go for trekking around the park, only with a guide. This place becomes very cold in the winter season, so tourists should make proper arrangements for themselves, if they are traveling in the winter season.

Kalagarh Dam :

This dam is located in the south west direction of the Jim Corbett wildlife sanctuary. This is one of the best places for the bird watching tour. Lots of migratory waterfowl comes here in the winters.

Best Time to Visit

Jim Corbett National Park is completely spread over Nainital, Pauri Garwahl and Almora Districts of Uttarakhand. It is one of the oldest national park in India. The park is known for its initiative Project Tiger, for endangered Bengal tiger of India. The total area of the reserve is 1318.54 sq. km. consisting 520 sq. km. of core area and 797.72 sq. km. of buffer area. After India's independence in 1947, the park was renamed as Ramganga National Park. But in 1956 it was renamed as Jim Corbett National Park in the memory of Colonel Jim Corbett.
Corbett National Park opens from mid November to mid June. The Jhirna zone of Corbett National Park remains open throughout the year. Birjani zone opens from mid October to mid June and the main core area Dhikala opens from 15th of November. The park closes partially during the period of monsoon. Most of the roads in Birjani and Dhikala are wash away during monsoon. The gates remain close after sunset and no nocturnal driving is allowed.

Main Visiting Season

Winter (October - February)

It is the best time for Bird watching. Bird lovers are advised to visit during the winter season to get glimpses of varieties of birds. It is also the preferred season for the sighting of tiger. The chances of natural sight of tiger are high during this time of the year. During this season the 5 degree C. but the day time are pleasant and balmy. The night can get pretty cold. Thus it is the best time to enjoy cold nights. Animals are easily spotted during this period as they come out to laze around in the sun.

Monsoon (July - September)

It is the best time for those who want to avoid crowd. The flow of the crowd declines due to the monsoon season. It is the best for some great experience for trekking lovers. The monsoon prevails from mid June to October. The temperature drops during this time and the weather is sustains a pleasant aura. The rainy season is the mating time of the animals and the park remains closed for tourists keeping that in mind. Also the risks of soil erosion and land slides can prove to be harmful. This is the best time to enjoy flora in Corbett national Park. The place becomes magnificent with greenery and vegetation.

Summer (March to June)

The summer season prevails from the month of March till mid June. The temperature during this time becomes very scorching. The day time can get very hot, up to 40 degree C mark. The inhabitants and animals suffer the wrath of the rising heat of the sun during this time. This is the best time for sighting of animals. Mostly a hot wind blows throughout the day time during summers. And a thick cloud of dust covers up the region, penetrated by occasional thunderstorms. This season is considered as the best time form river rafting. River rafting enthusiast can opt for this time period to visit.

Corbett Safari

Jim Corbett National Park is India's most exciting safari destination. Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most celebrated wildlife reserve in India. Corbett National Park is an amazing blend of high hills, swamp, river side belts and green meadows covering an area of 522 kilometers at the foot hills of the greater himalayas and this makes the park a heaven for wildlife adventures lovers. This park is famous for variety of rare flora, wild animals, reptiles and birds species. A pathway adorn with mango orchards leads one into a complete different world housing a record number of 488 different species of plants and 580 birds type. Moreover a plethora of 25 reptile species and 50 species of mammals are reasons enough to go personal with this wonderland.

Corbett Zones

There are mainly five Corbett Tiger Reserve Zones that you can visit. You can book online for safari, by Jeep or Canter, to visit these amazing zones. Dhikala Zone is known for its splendid natural beauty and also for offering a sight of many exotic animals and birds. If you are a hard-core wildlife lover, then it is recommended that you go for a night stay in this zone for better sighting opportunities. The ideal time to visit this place is from 15th of November to 15h of June, every year. Animals to be spotted are Bengal Tiger, Elephants, Cheetahs and several species of birds. Bijrani Zone in Corbett Park is known for its richness in natural beauty and the vast grasslands. Mixed type of topography can be seen here. Tiger spotting is almost a certain activity in this zone compared to other places in Corbett Park. The best time for visiting this zone is from Mid October to June.