Guest Reviews

Sanjay Browne March 2022

Simply amazing. The entire experience was something of which memories are made of and some.
From the coordination of the trip to the trip in itself, extremely fulfilling.
The driver Alam, was extremely well informed and always up to scratch,be his driving prowess or his knowledge about the local fauna and the flora. Absolutely top class.
The sightings of 'His Majesty' was indeed a sight for sore eyes and we were accorded more than just an audience with Royalty, something out of the ordinary and i attribute this to the skills of the driver. Thoroughly enjoyed it and i will be back soon.

18 Nov 2014 - Jean & Monte Oliver

  • Cumbria, England.

A unique experience in a most beautiful and unspoilt part of India. We were taken care of in the most exemplry manner and utmost care and attention. We were guided throughout with total professionalism which speaks volumes about Tigerland Safaris and Tours. We saw a great variety of deer, water fowl, raptors, crocodiles and wild elephants too in large herds in the open grassland which was absolutely an amazing sight....and Tiger - we had never imagined that we would actually see one !! We would love to come back and visit another wild life destination in India but definitely would do the travel arrangements through Tigerland !....

Thank you all connected with this company.

15 Nov 2014 Ajit Kumar and family

It has been a wonderful experience staying at Dhikala, where I saw during my stay, Tiger, elephant all species of deer, wild boar and beautiful landscape. Also enjoyed the stay at the hotel where I was put up where the services were par excellence..

22 Nov 2014 Fredrick & Glen Hanson

  • U.S.A.

We have loved our experience at the Corbett Tiger Reserve and only wish our stay had been longer. Our Driver made our trip here very enjoyable and memorable indeed. The few days here were the answer to our dreams of Indian wild life....the ultimate being spotting a Tiger on elephant back. We also saw crocodiles the indian gharial ....the food too was superb....the accommodation was a surprise !! Will certainly recommend your good services !!

23 Nov 2014 David Stehr & Doreena Ross

  • Chiswick, London.

Once again we were privileged to experience Tigers sightings....2 in the first 4 days of our visit. During our second sighting we watched for 20 minutes as mother and cub frolicked on the sand bank, before crossing the river and disappearing into the forest. this is our second visit to Dhikala and this is a stunning park- very much looking forward to next time. Many many thanks to Tigerland and the cum guides for sharing their vast knowledge of birds and flora and fauna with us, along with their amazing wit and humour and of course for looking after us so well.

Susan Stephens

  • Ewhurst, Surrey, England.

Collectively we had a excellent time Jane and Nora had a hair raising encounter with tigers! The rest of us missed it but wished we had the drivers amazing knowledge of nature and he shared it so willingly with us. We encountered a huge variety of of wildlife- reptiles, birds about 30 species, mammals, insects. Fresh air clear skies, clear water. We are sure what we have experienced here will encourage us to preserve our own wild life back in Ireland and en courage others to do likewise. Best food in India - especially the soup. We'll be back for sure.
16 Nov 2014 Jane Almquist, Nora Comnnor, Shawn lomar, Anna Barbara Martin, Marie Macdonald, Robert Mcdonald.....Dublin Ireland.

Chris Saunders & Laurel Sayer

  • USA.

A magnificent Tusker on our first jeep safari, a tiger at dusk on our evening jeep safari - a fantastic range of animals and birds in between ; what more can we say ? The Jeeps are well maintained - the Services by Tigerland and the Driver par excellence - Highly recommended!!

Julie & Martin Meech

  • Australia.

Have sighted numerous birds including Himalyan Grey headed Eagle, King Vulture, White breasted laughing Thrush & Himalyan crested Kingfisher. Have also seen wild elephants at dusk numerous Rhesus & Langur monkeys, mongoose, Boar, crocodile etc all in the natural surroundings. The experience of being on Safari in Corbett has been enhanced by our extremely helpful and knowledgeable Driver whose tireless efforts to trace the elusive tiger proved to be a success on the final evening jeep safari at a water hole where it was sitting in the pool of water trying to cool off since it was end march and afternoons tend to be a little more than warm. This was indeed the highlight of our final day at Corbett...Thank you Tigerland for making our trip so successful and fulfilling.

Chris & Christie Noad

  • Belgium.

Corbett National Park is certainly one of the most scenic of all the parks visited by us in India as we are wild life addicts..The forest is a delight and and the bird life rewarding, especially the Ospreys and other raptors and all the other kingfishers. We were privileged to see wild elephants and also delighted to see a day old baby elephant born to one of the wild elephants. Dhikala Forest Lodge speaks for itself, however it is only a small part of the total experience - the Driver from Tigerland put in great effort to see that we were comfortable during our stay !!

Ian & Clare Beswick

  • France.

To see a leopard in the wild in Corbett and follow him by a most exciting chase on our elephant safari, to find and see a tiger in his natural habitat is the most rewarding part of of our stay in India. Our Drivers dedication to wild life was amazing and his knowledge too astounded us..Thank you once again Tigerland - keep up the good work !!


  • France.

The park remains one of the truly magical natural and un spoilt habitats of the elusive Tiger and the Wild Elephants. This is our third Jeep Safari in Corbett and each one has been truly memorable. Also the tourist is here in large numbers but they do not affect the behavior of the animals. Every nook& corner, every vista will stay with us for a very long time in the way of the number of beautiful photographs that we have taken...We'd very like to see the park after the wet season. If you'r quiet and careful...u too will get to see the elusive tiger which we did see on elephant back and on one of the many rides we took....the Tiger was sitting on its kill very quietly...we just took some lovely shots with our cameras....the tiger did give us a warning growl, and the elephant moved away slowly. Tigerland Safaris are very professional and the services are superb - we will be back !!

Geralldine & Edwin

  • England.

Our Tour with Tigerland Safaris has been marvelous - the driver has been the key to unlock the secrets and magic places of India's most magnificent Wildlife & Tiger National Park - Corbett - when we return we will travel again with Tigerland and get the same driver to be our eyes & ears !! Many Thanks for your organisation !!

Alastiar & Rosemary

Three Tigers, many of the Deer species, rare eagles and many other brightly colored birds - these sights worth more than ten Taj Mahals !! Corbett National Park is a symbol of India's bountiful wildlife habitat and we are grateful to Tigerland Safaris whose meticulous planning has helped us to discover !!