Wall Rappelling


This is amongst the famous activities in Jim Corbett national Park is essentially a sliding down the rope in a controlled manner from a particular height. When you want to descent there are basically two options you can walk or climb down, or you can rappel. But when the terrain becomes too difficult rappelling is the faster, easier and safer solution.

Activity Location : Bhikuli Road, close to Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand.
Activity Duration : 15 to 20 mins.
Activity Timing : 10:00 A.M. to 05:00 P.M.
Minimum Age Criteria: 5 yr old.
Wall Height: 36 Feet.

Rappelling is an organized climbing process used to descend from mountains and cliffs by a monitored slide downwards with the help of a fixed rope. When you want to descent there are normally two options, you can walk or climb down or you can rappel. When the terrain is too difficult rappelling is the more logical solution. The climbing rope is anchored to a cliff with artificial anchors like cams, pitons and bolts or natural anchors like trees and boulders. It is seen that the rope is wither doubled with the midpoint at the anchors or tied to another climbing rope. The climber then uses a rappel device which utilizes the friction of the rope through to minimize the climbing down as the slides down the fixed rope to a ledge or the cliff-base is performed. Jim Corbett Park provides a perfect opportunity to experience this unique activity. Let go of your inhibitions and climb a cliff to climb down like a free bird. Feel the lightness of yourself, be a motivated person.
After enjoying wildlife adventure with safaris, you have other options to enjoy the extreme adventure like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing, bridge slithering etc. We have an expert team at Corbett National Park to provide those activitie.
Jim Corbett National Park is one of the most celebrated wildlife reserve in India. Corbett National Park is an amazing blend of high hills, swamp, river side belts and green meadows covering an area of 522 kilometers at the foot hills of the greater himalayas and this makes the park a heaven for wildlife adventures lovers. This park is famous for variety of rare flora, wild animals, reptiles and birds species. A pathway adorn with mango orchards leads one into a complete different world housing a record number of 488 different species of plants and 580 birds type. Moreover a plethora of 25 reptile species and 50 species of mammals are reasons enough to go personal with this wonderland.


  • Get a thrilling experience of Rappelling in Jim Corbett with your loved ones.
  • With the best safety gear and ropes provided for your safe adventure, the fun gets doubled.
  • Highly trained instructors will be present there who will guide you through this activity.
  • Enjoy descending from a 36ft high wall, as you flaunt your strength.

Rappelling Activity

  • Once you reach the activity site, you can then gear up for the Rappelling.
  • You will be provided instructions by your trainer on topics like how to balance your body weight, how to position your feet, and how to make use of the safety gear and rope.
  • You can then go on to enjoy the Rappelling activity to the fullest.
  • Climb down a 36ft high wall and enjoy for 15 to 20 mins.
  • Enjoy the view of the surroundings and get photos and videos of the activity shot.

Additional Info

  • Anyone above the age of 5 who is physically
  • Everyone over the age of five is charged a flat fee.
  • It is not advisable to consume heavy foods or alcoholic beverages prior to participating in the activity.
  • Cabs can quickly get you to the location.
  • Maintain a clean environment and do not litter.
  • There is parking available for your vehicle.

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